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Structured Water Stories: Tim N. Toula

I walked in on Clayton’s talk on the energy of water seemingly randomly and within minutes like many others in the room became mesmerized by what this man was sharing about the energy of seemingly simple and everyday water. I became so fascinated that I bought a handheld structured water device within a few hours and immediately began to test and understand the power of these novel devices in the months following in my health practice with many patients.

Like many practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutritional/herbal techniques, I have searched the world studying and practicing, good health with many amazing practitioners and patients in depth.

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Structured Water Stories: Jacquelyn Aldana

Narrator:  Experiences and events that are so wonderful they seem beyond the room of possibility are referred to as Miracles. Miracles can happen to anyone and everyone with one caveat; one must believe that the desired outcome is possible without sweating the details. In actuality each human being is a miracle worker, that is, when we adapt the correct orientation and alignment of mind and heart we then become self structuring.

Jacquelyn Aldana certainly believes in miracles. Author of the 15 minute miracle over the past 20 years she has personally witnessed and experienced the incredible transformational power that is present within all life including her husband Ron’s recovery from 3 near death experiences one of which was stage 4 cancer. Her innovative work book series which she prefers to call a play book has helped tens of thousands adopt and embrace the proper orientation and alignment of mind and heart that allows miracles to be seen, felt and experienced. Accessing a power that she now knows is and comes from within us all and literally changing their lives. While she has become quite a depth at documenting changes, even Jacquelyn was a little skeptical when she first heard of structured water but she is skeptical no more.

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Interviewer:  When she and her family moved into a beautiful custom built home on the out skirts of Ft. Wayne Indiana 9 years ago, Vicki Frank began living the American dream, however, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when her family’s health began to decline. The suspect was the water itself even after spending an estimated $30,000 on sophisticated water treatment and filtration systems there was no change on her family’s health, even though when tested, the water fell well within municipal standards. So when a friend told Vicki about an in line device that structures water as it moves through it, Vicki, who had done quite a bit of research on her own, was more than ready to give it a try. this interview shows the before and after or should we say the old and the new system because they are all there together and it also shows the effect that the structured water has now had on her sink and her kitchen.

Vicki:  Hi. I was going to show you my sink, its like an orange slimy thing and this is reddish I didn’t scrub it, I tried to scrub it in the past, now in the washing machine I don’t see that film, it’s working, all the stuff is loose and its coming off.

Interviewer:  That falls in to what we were saying that it structures everything in the water and, like for example, the calcium loses its ability to adhere to anything including itself and they just start going away.

Vicki:  This is positive that its doing it to the sink and its probably got into the inside of my body too and that’s why I am encouraged with all the cooking and all that I do. I am always at the sink and in the past the water had a musty smell when we first built our home I didn’t like that because I am allergic to it. I thought it was a neighborhood problem because before when I would can things and the stain was going on my stove then it got terrible the next day because all the microtoxins in the water and chemical bodies get off and today I see it for myself and I don’t feel sick at all. I don’t see the hard water stains on top of the jar lids like I used to because it’s a great improvement.

Interviewer:  Vicki and I proceed down stairs to where she shows me what really looks like a water filtration plant and actually it is a very sophisticated filtration system that has been attempting to get the job done to make her water more portable and safe for her family.

Vicki:  Yes this is a mini filtration plant, this is hot water here and this is a charcoal filter, then we have a uranic filter in the corner here that’s a half micron then we have these ultraviolet lights trying to kill the molds and bacteria in the water the guy did a great job better than any water guy we had. Here we have a Structured Water Unit here just for the yard where we have an underground sprinkler system, earlier I had fungus growing on all my hand bags and baskets now nothing grows at all and I think its all due to the water. Since we have put the Structured Water Unit in the new grass growing up greener so it does something to the yard too and we had fungus right around this time of the year and this time I didn’t have to use fungicide.

Interviewer:  Amazing. Thank you Vicki.

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Structured Water Stories: Christopher Cozby
Just wanted to drop you a note and bring you up to date on plant growth here. The tomatoes are the big story. The main stalk on all the tomato plants are four to five times larger in diameter. Really weird to view as they seem to have morphed into tomato plants on steroids. All the fruit on these plants is still green, but it has been exceptionally cool, at night, all summer long.
The hot tub water is wild. Feels like rain water; all the time (just like the shower and bath). This has to be due to filling with structured water, having the garden unit on the hot tub and using only one teaspoon of chlorine every two weeks. The chlorine is probably just a mental thing at this point.
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February 17th, 2011
I was very skeptical when I first heard about the Structured Water Unit.  A friend in my yoga class had just bought a house and installed the unit.  He kept talking about how huge his tomatoes were, how much fruit his trees were baring and that there was no chlorine smell to his water.  Living in Southern California, you can bet your water smells like chlorine and is hard as a rock.
When I remodeled, I had dedicated cold water line installed with a filter.  Every 9 months, the water would trickle out of the spout indicating another clogged filter and another $100 to replace it.  And every time I showered, there was still the odor of chlorine.  I knew the water was bad, but none of the products on the market offered a better solution so I just begrudgingly lived with it.
After a fair amount of research about the unit, I decided to purchase one.  I was intrigued by the combination of technology and the power of intent.  No filters to change, no moving parts to wear out. And I could make my water even healthier by adding my intent…PERFECT.
I had the unit installed in October, 2010.  Then I totally forgot about it.  I just knew that when I took a shower in the morning, there was no chlorine smell.  
But after 3 months I started to take stock of the changes I was seeing. I had not changed any habits at all…I only changed my water.  At first, my skin broke out, like acne…all over my body.  I attribute that to a detox period, me and my house.  Then my skin got better and better and better.  Now I have people asking me if I’ve had Botox or fillers…No, I just changed my water.  My skin looks AMAZING…hydrated and fresh.  My esthetician keeps asking if I am using new products because my pores are so clean…No, it’s the water!  I rarely have to use body lotion which is unheard of in my dry climate. I only need to shampoo my hair twice a week if I rinse it every day in the shower.  It is so much shinier and healthier. And when I shower, the water tastes sweet!  It’s incredible!!!
My home is beautifully landscaped.  Living in Los Angeles, we ration our water.  I am only allowed to water 2 times per week.  But with the water unit, it is no problem.  My garden looks as lush and green as when I was watering every day.  When I plant vegetables in my raised bed, they appear to grow overnight. It’s the water!
The tree in the parkway in front of my house is about 70-100 years old.  It has been sick for years; blooming and shedding at odd times of the year not in sync with the other similar trees in the neighborhood. It lost a limb one night that fell on my car and destroyed it.  This past dropping season, that started about a month after I installed the unit, it was in sync with the other neighborhood trees. The flax planted in the same bed has doubled in size in 3 months.
This one you are not going to believe…I have a turtle and couldn’t wait for him to experience the amazing effects of structured water.  But I forgot to add back some bacteria from his old water when I cleaned his tank.  He developed a raging eye infection.  The water was too clean. I treated him 3 times a day with antibiotics directly to his eyes for 2 weeks with very little change.  Then I remembered intent and wrote “Heal” on his tank with a marker.  His infection cleared up in 3 days!  If it hadn’t happened to me, I would never believe it, but it did and I do.
And then there are the calcium and lime deposits…in my teapot.  They were so bad I had to use industrial strength lime remover weekly to get them out.  That teapot finally died and I got a new glass one…after a month there is not a lime or calcium deposit on the thing.  Same thing on the black tiles in my showers. Squeeky clean!
I wish I had paid more attention when I had the unit installed…I would probably have stories a mile long, but alas I didn’t.  I just know that my water is now amazing and healthy. You can see its effects in my garden and in my person.  Maybe it has even helped my mood and my stress level…something certainly has and it would not surprise me in the least that the water has a hand in it.
Please feel free to use any and all that I have written here.  
Thank You!
Mary Harper
Los Angeles, CA


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