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Structured Water and Sterilization by Adam Abraham

This is a response from Adam Abraham to a Product Developer who works for a manufacturer of premium quality products in the dental marketplace, specifically sterilization equipment.



Thank you in advance for asking. Sitting down to receive and share these answers has been an education for me too. 

The first and foremost impression that I have is that these specifications are based on the assumption that water is a non-living, consciously inert substance. 

The specification – which reflects general human perception – favors “purity” over balance. However, in this case, processing water to make it “pure” will also, for all practical purposes, kill it, energetically speaking. The steps outlined in the specification are actually being taken to remediate the water… in other words, to get the outcome and behavior that you might have experienced had the water been balanced in the first place. Another word for balancing is “organizing”… adding coherence is another, as a laser represents highly organized and coherent light, and a diamond represents highly organized and coherent coal. 

The problem with current water treatment approaches is that the vibrational memory – i.e., the informational signatures – that the water contains of what is, and has been in it, remains. It is the informational signatures of substances – which exist in a non-molecular waveform state – that create and maintain polarity, and sustain electrical bonds that cause chemical reactions to occur on molecular levels. 

Running water through Clayton’s organic structuring technology clears these informational signatures, and optimally balances the water in the process. The pH will vary within a range that is biased to the alkaline side. Perhaps most fundamental is that organic structuring enables the water – and everything within it – to work more cooperatively toward the goals that you intend.

Perhaps this sounds strange but science and industry have not looked at water in this context, not in my lifetime. So we are only beginning to see the amazing results in “real life” situations – personal, commercial, and agricultural.  Industrial processes are not exempt from benefitting by using water that has been optimized through organic structuring. 

So this is a WAY OF THINKING that may only change after open minded individuals like you see the potential for their various industries and simply get started. I also realize that some of the guidelines and standards are set by such agencies as International Standards Organization (ISO) and the FDA. And yet, they are set due to the same rationale stated at the beginning of this note.

Below, I will go through some of the categories in the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) document that you sent.

For example:

Sterilizing Agent 
5.1.2 Contaminants suspended in the sterilizing agent can be both toxic and corrosive and may generate a barrier between the microorganism and the sterilizing agent. They originate from water… 

Let me present an alternate scenario based on new thinking. When an organic structuring event has occurred, contaminants will (1), lose their charge, going to a zero state and (2) fall out of suspension. Losing their charge means that for all practical purposes, they are no longer toxic, period. You can’t toxify if you can’t attach to anything. The particulates, if they exist, remain in the water, but they become inert with respect to their potential effectivity.

Water is deemed the culprit for getting between the sterilizing agent and the microorganism due to the contaminants. The water we’re talking about has not been optimally structured. If it were structured organically, the water ITSELF would have ample oxygen available, AS ENABLED BY THE STRUCTURING EVENT, to address the microorganism issue. This MAY mean needing NO chemical additives at all, or using far LESS. 

Lastly on point 5.1.2… re-read the specification, from a different context. 

Consider the idea that the water is alive and intelligent. Now look at this scenario from ITS perspective. Its life and intelligence has been ignored by its processors, and it naturally holds memory – not a grudge – but memory of where it has been (this has been confirmed scientifically). It has been energetically devitalized by all the indiscriminate processing we’ve put it through. In other words, the water itself is malnourished. You might call it “sick,” certainly not in an optimal state of consciousness.

Pay particular attention to the statement, “may generate a barrier between the microorganism and the sterilizing agent…” If you didn’t know better, you’d think that the water was actually working in an adversarial role. It’s not, but we also know that when water that has been optimally structured, has been run through corroded pipes, the corrosion has gone away. At the very least, this portends a much longer service life of the pipes, and lower operating costs when you determine how much of a reduction in chemical use you can achieve.

Some of these answers you can discover when you incorporate the technology into your operations.

I’ve addressed some of your highlighted points of interest [numbered and indented] in my comments above. 

3.2 Major impacts of adverse water quality on medical device reprocessing

General considerations (3.2.1), speaks to the objective of ensuring safe use and no adverse patient events.   

This is noble, but current practices that rely on sub-optimal water and chemical remediation, are making future patients out of the people who manufacture the devices. They are also impacting the environment, because that chemical waste must be sent somewhere. 

I would suggest that your products themselves hold less energy due to the adversarial and energetically deficient consciousness that went into their production. A life affirming, energy rich consciousness will mean that your products will produce less stress on the patient when in use, producing fewer positive ions that the body, on cellular levels, would have to react to. This too may sound odd, but there is research available that supports what I’m suggesting here.

3.2.2 Microbial level in water

This directive talks about the microorganism levels, and says that they are dependent upon the effectiveness of the municipality’s water treatment system. Not so. The microbial levels depend on the balance in the water itself (more so, the amount of distortion). 

More balance means less distortion. Balance means zero distortion, the harmonic and beneficial presence of everything, even that which might have been thought “harmful.” Removing everything thought “harmful” in the name of “purification” creates distortion, imbalance, or “harm.”

The distortion in the water is represented by the informational signatures mentioned earlier, which will “turn on” or “turn off” other informational signatures. Biophoton release is how these informational signatures are overwritten. Clayton’s technology effectuates biophoton events within the chamber as the water travels through them. This light, though faint to us, IS measurable, and it is FULL SPECTRUM, including FULL SPECTRUM ULTRAVIOLET. This light is produced WITHOUT introducing NEW TRAUMA (i.e., distortion) to the water.

Think about that for a moment. What are your current processes and methods creating, and how does the water feel about it?

At the end of the section on microbial levels you call attention to the FDA suggestion that sterile water, not tap water be used as a rinse after high levels of disinfection. I’ll only offer my opinion that energetically rich water is far more beneficial to all parties involved, than energetically stressed water. Balance harmonizes and energizes water, through biophoton genesis.

All of this should be tested to confirm, but the perceptions of possibility must be SHIFTED. If you are resonating with what you’re reading here, it means that your perception has ALREADY SHIFTED to enable this possibility.  Bacterial endotoxins

This advisory describes the nature of endotoxins, stating that they can cause a “fever-like reaction (pyrogenic) and other adverse effects.” Fever is a HEALING response by the body, and is not, unto itself, adverse. Endotoxins aren’t destroyed by current disinfection and sterilization methods, because THEY RELY ON, AND CREATE NEW DISTORTION, in other words, new STRESS at the cellular level. Disinfection and sterilization methods are is in closer resonance with the endotoxin than the true antidote that would get the job done, which is harmonic energy that is represented in the form of FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT (biophotons).

You will not be able to effectively control endotoxins by using a stress producing chemical “police force,” which produces its own residual distortions (remember that water that has not gone through a structuring event retains the informational signatures, and therefore the polarities, of all the substances that has been in it, even if the molecular presences have been filtered out. 

Rinse water should indeed be structured. However, in my opinion, the water that is used through all procedures should be structured, as a matter of policy and greatest protection.  pH

This advisory talks about how pH of water in medical reprocessing affects the medical device by causing pitting or corrosion, or interfering with the effectiveness of the detergents, particularly enzymatic detergents. But it says nothing about what affects pH. Vibrational Stress, or distortion affects the consciousness of water, just like it affects the consciousness of you or me. Consciousness affects pH. If you are stressed, you’re in fight or flight. So is water. The advisory describes water that seems to be fighting… notice the use of the word “interfere.”  Water hardness
This advisory suggests that “hard water” is caused by the presence of dissolved salts (typically calcium and magnesium) when the water is heated or evaporated. I humbly suggest that this is not so. Hard water is unbalanced and stressed. Magnesium and calcium have a very special relationship in cellular physiology, and I suspect that that relationship carries forth in water health as well. Structured water is naturally “soft,” feels wetter, and is definitely more hydrating. Everything that was in the water on a molecular basis, remains, but when information signatures are cleared, the water behaves differently, and beneficially. Ionic contaminants and resistivity

An electrically charged ion, such as chloride, iron, copper, and manganese, cause corrosion pitting because the charge of their informational signatures is positive and therefore, stress producing. And yet, biophotons function like negative ions, and will discharge ANY EXCESSES that contribute to a less than optimal state of balance .

Now, as it relates to your original questions: 

Briefly: what is your vision to use the new presented technology in Medical Devices fields, especially for Infection Control: Sterilization machines (Autoclaves), Instrument Washing Machines, Dental Industries? 

After reading the information that I’ve submitted above, the question would be what is your vision now? We are ready to support experimentation and implementation, based on an understanding that a significant opportunity to improve not only your processes, but your product, is at hand with the assistance of Clayton’s organic water structuring technology.

Can we use again the wasted after sterilization cycle water for sterilization of the instruments? For example the distilled water after the sterilization cycle includes oils from sterilized instruments, oil from Chamber Pressure seal, residues: hard elements removed from the instruments and from the stainless steel sterilization chamber, from the water.... etc? 

Yes, assuming that it is structured. 

Is it possible to remove the elements like Ca, Manganese, Potassium, Chloride, Iron by using a new technology? 

Yes; though unnecessary, it is possible. Removal can be achieved with a different structuring method, which is also organic, meaning that it adds no new distortion (stress) to the water. The standard structuring devices change the vibrational bonding nature of everything in the water, there would therefore nullify, by “zeroing out” the ionic charge of the elements that are not in consonance with an optimal environmental state.  

Is it possible to remove the Harsh Detergent (9-10 pH) as well as the residues (I have mentioned above paragraphs) from the water after the Medical Instruments Washing cycle? 

Yes. It’s also possible to use LESS harsh, and a lower amount of detergent by volume when using structured water. It MAY be possible to need NO detergent at all.

What are performances of the water after the New Regeneration Device comparing to the performances after the Reverse Osmosis Filter? 

Reverse Osmosis is a stress producing method. Clayton’s method introduces no new stress (distortion) into the water, harmonizing, balancing, and optimizing it instead. It does not try to take away from the water, leaving it still chaotic. Structuring creates COHERENCE within the water cluster. 

Thank you for your interest, and your questions. They will be helpful for many more who are now just beginning to imagine the improvements to life that are possible when water is optimally structured. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Clayton or myself.


Adam Abraham

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