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Structured Water: A Great Way to Hydrate

“To hydrate”, literally means to cause hydration. In order to hydrate something, we need water, chemically known as H2O, or Hydrogen dioxide. In biology, to hydrate does not mean that the water has to actually bond with it. It just means that the object in question has enough water available to it for the vital chemical processes to occur.  In order to properly hydrate something, the water has to be in a usable form. For most humans, ice would not be very beneficial.

Every survival training manual will tell you not to eat ice if you are dehydrated, because the body will wear itself out trying to convert it to something it can use, by using up valuable body-heat. This is a case of the benefit not being worth the effort. To a lesser degree, drinking the wrong kind of water can also have less than desirable effects over a period of time. 

Forget everything you have heard about drinking 'pure' water. Pure water does not exist in nature, or in your body. You were not designed to use pure water. There is a reason that water binds with so many other molecules.....because it is supposed to. These other molecules provide valuable trace minerals, can make the water have the right pH (alkaline), and structure the water molecules so that they can be used without a lot of rearrangement. 

When it is in the correct form, it is known as structured water, or sometimes hexagonal water. This is when 6 water molecules bind to each other by a common hydrogen bond creating a hexagonal crystalline structure, that is small enough to easily pass through cell membranes. This is what your body is designed to use. Other types of water structures are broken down by the body, and reformed into these hexagonal structures, using up valuable bodily resources that could be better channeled into reinforcing the immune system, repairing tissue, and such. Your body has a limited number of resources available at any given time. When they have to be marshaled to a particular task, it is often at the expense of something else, because they can’t be everywhere at the same time.

In order to properly hydrate your body, you need to try to give it the correct form of water as much as possible.

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