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Part 3 of 10: Plants and Patterns

According to, plants can contain up to 95% water. A very interesting experiment was done in the 1960’s by a polygraph expert, Cleve Backster. He hooked up a lie detector machine to a plant and noticed that when he thought about causing it harm, the plant gave a reaction recorded on the machine. Backster then tried to form a barrier between plants to disrupt their communication with each other but he could not do it.

This means that the lives of plants (which are almost completely made of water) are still somewhat of a mystery to us. Backster found that plants seem to have a nervous system to give responses to stimuli, and that they also have functioning memory capabilities. In fact, emotional output has been recorded from many other types of cells too. All cells are made up of water molecules, which seems to be the life force by which higher energy vibrations is made possible. So if our own emotions and intentions can affect the molecules in our water and food, it makes sense that even the oldest civilizations had rituals and prayers before eating a meal or a big feast. Bruce Lipton, a developmental biologist, has also stated that our genes and DNA are affected by our beliefs. This leads to the postulation that our very attitude can change the structure of a cell, and especially our own. This is why our negative thoughts or feelings can possibly cause sickness for us.

Higher vibrations have more complex patterns, as the work of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny have demonstrated. They were able to use different notes and pitches on a violin to produce patterns in sand on a steel disc. The result was that they duplicated many of the patterns already found in nature. This is physical proof that higher vibrations do exist in harmony with each other. When patterns in motion are studied, it is clear that they travel in vortex-like movements. This corresponds to the ultimate pattern of life, and how water cleanses itself. Even our own DNA forms a complex spiral pattern.

Straight lines are the opposite of living organic movement. So when our drinking water is forced through long lines of piping under our towns and cities, it is automatically being unstructured because it is not being allowed to move in the way it was meant to. Of course building a pipe system that cascades like a forest stream would not be practical, especially in our over-populated cramped society. That is why the Structured Water Unit is so beneficial! It takes up minimal room in the piping system and lets the water flow through a series of geometrical structures, letting it once again twist and turn, recover from old memories and pollutants and once again be the living life force it was meant to be.

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