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Part 1 of 10: Structured Water's Origins

Last Import - 1This is the first in a series of 10 articles based on the book ‘Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger’ by Alick Bartholomew. When contemplating purchasing a water structuring unit, it is important to understand why we are trying to mimic nature’s fabulous design and the energy forces behind it. Schauberger was a pioneer in scientifically observing nature, especially water patterns in nature, and this book breaks down the science for easier understanding. 

Modern science has been wielded as a more destructive force than most people realize, mainly because instead of coinciding with nature, it has been engineered by man to be “manipulated and exploited for the imagined benefit of humanity.” While the laws of nature have been working for millions of years to provide Earth’s balance of ecosystems in all perfection, the human race has misunderstood their purpose here and tainted that balance, trying to rise above nature’s perfection for loftier goals.

Schauberger’s research is fundamental in helping us understand how nature works for the benefit of all and where humans fit into the equation. Once we have educated ourselves and put ignorance aside, we can then make the necessary changes to live in harmony with the planet instead of struggling against it, while benefiting from new simple structuring technologies that coincide with the example we have been given by Earth. 

As a forest warden in the Austrian Alps, Schauberger observed the patterns of undisturbed mountain streams, where water gains structuring as it dances and twists along the rocks in its path. He noticed that the water’s energy was highest during a full moon on a clear winter night when he saw how the flow of water would actually lift perfectly egg-shaped stones under these conditions. He used this discovery to successfully predict a timeframe for moving logs down the side of the mountain with minimal damage to the wood and with less water use. He astounded all the hydraulic physicists of his time, especially since he had no formal education in the subject of water. Despite his remarkable research, Schauberger’s water formulas are still ignored by much of mainstream science. He appreciated water for its life-sustaining properties. Structured water can both nourish and cleanse almost any life form.

He then observed that when we put water through modern technology such as pipes and sewer systems that is inconsistent with nature’s patterns, it loses its life force and becomes “dead water” which enhances diseases of contamination such as cancer, simply because it is not in its natural state and therefore cannot remain structured. When we consume dead water, our energy slowly fades, chances of disease slowly increases, and we turn to chemicals such as caffeine and processed sugar to compensate for how tired we feel. These chemicals can start our bodies on a cycle of craving and weight-gain. To be truly healthy, for our bodies to do what nature intended, structured water is a great step to get our lives back and remove the years of toxins that have been building up in our systems! 

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