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The Field Effect of Structured Water

The Field Effect of Structured Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte.

Ellen: In your manual it talks about how someone was testing your structured water but the only way they could test tap water was to go over to their neighbor but when they brought it back it was already structured. Is that what entrainment is, that when you have structured water, it structures everything around it?

Clayton: Yes it is. It’s the life force energy of structured water. Think about this: you asked about the 300-foot rule a couple of times. The 300-foot rule is when water is running straight through man-made pipe, 300 feet it goes dead. It’s running, moving, okay the moment the water stops moving and is connected to the structured water, in that 300 foot of pipe, all the water that’s connected both forward and backward will instantaneously be structured. Even if that pipe were to circle the globe, it would instantaneously be structured. That is the truth of entrainment and another aspect of entrainment is that the life force energy in that pipe creates a field effect of 1,000 feet in all directions. You’ll see this on Adam Abraham’s video of strawberry fields.

Ellen: Right.

Clayton: The field effect. Those strawberries aren’t watered by structured water. They’re just growing on the field effect, on the life force energy. They’re not receiving it through water, they’re not receiving any fertilizer, they’re just receiving energy and that energy is so powerful that the plants are so viable that bugs don't come in. They’re not invited.

Ellen: Wow.

Clayton: So the white flies are forming in clouds outside of that 1,000-foot rule. Now think about this: I told you you have the power. When you stand in your power, 120% present in the moment, you have that same field effect…identical. 

We are all connected. All things are connected and think about this: if you ever walked on or if you know somebody and I’m sure you do know of somebody who has walked on hot coals, it takes 15 minutes of instruction for you to know that you and the fire are one if you are using the fire thought 3 feet long 4 feet wide hot coals, people throw fire or wood or paper in front of you it instantly goes up in flames. Some people come back on their 4th trip and you look at somebody who didn’t do it and the fleeting thought that you did and they didn’t is a reverberation which means you separate yourself from the oneness, from all that is, from the unified field, instant blisters. 

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