Structured Water Units

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Water Health and Structure

We all know that water is fundamental to life, what we don't tend to know is that the majority of the water that we are consuming has very little life in it. Water is a living substance, it’s not the inert liquid stuff that we have grown accustomed to seeing it as and so when water rebel’s we don’t notice because we don’t think it has that capability. Structured water is water that is loving, that has life in it. It has biophotons and biophotons is living light.

You have heard about the  and you may have heard the term Utopic Water, you may have heard of Nature’s Hydration, you may have heard of Photonic Water and you may have heard of the Fluid Machine, its all connected and Clayton Nolte is behind all of those product names.

What our device does is it perfectly balances the water and structures it, it’s just a beautiful arrangement of natures process. This biophonic water structuring device enhances, affirms and honors life and in so doing, because it does not force something out of the water that is actually the water, it is willing to give on its own and it gives it wonderfully, it gives energy, it gives oxygen and it restores hydration. It becomes all the things that we need from water and in so doing it actually helps us enhance our lives

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