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Structured Water and Plants

In a beautiful example of what structured water can do for plants, in April we compared the growth and health of two similar ivy plants. From this we found great results with structured water and plants. 







In the FIRST sample (the picture above) a local restaurant in Arizona was using nonstructured RO water and in the SECOND sample structured water was used to water the ivy at a nearby home every 3-4 days (see picture below). The largest leaves we could find on either vine at that time measured 4-5 inches.

On May 10, 2012 a resampling was done and pictures were taken at that time, which are all the ones you see on this page. The difference in the size of the ivy leaves was NOW quite significant!



The ivy watered with RO water at a local restaurant were still only 5 inches maximum in length. The Ivy watered with structured water now had leaves up to 9 inches in length, and were lush, and deep green. NEXT, experiments for maintaining freshness were done. THREE leaves in the oval picture (below) were picked off the vines on May 10, 2012. The 5” leaf on the LEFT was from the ivy at the restaurant. The two 9” leaves on the RIGHT were from the nearby home. On DAY 6 the leaf from the restaurant was totally dry and crisp, and could not be bent without crumbling. The ivy leaves watered with structured water were still completely hydrated and could be crumpled without breaking.

(Oval Picture: Comparison)

On DAY 10 the structured ivy leaf was only now finally showing signs of dryness, but was still flexible enough to be bent without cracking or breaking apart.

What could watering your plants with a Structured Water Unit do for the houseplants and garden where you live? 

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