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Part 7 of 10: Springs and Rivers

7of10Springs are considered wells. They have always been thought to have healing powers. "I can remember living in the Ukraine for a summer in 1991. There was one spring with cool, clean water that people traveled for miles around to come visit and stock up on water. I can remember drinking directly from it with my hand and it was so refreshing on that hot summer day!" There are also hot springs, which are thought to be healing for physical aches and pains too.

Viktor Schauberger invented a “spring water machine” which he said had the same properties as a natural spring. There are seepage springs and true springs. Seepage springs are formed by the overflowing of excess water from the top layers of Earth; it is very easy for them to dry up in the heat or overflow in rain season. True springs well up from a much deeper source in the ground, and those water sources are said to possibly be hundreds of years old and full of the soil’s minerals. As the deeper Earth is much cooler, so will the spring water be. Since the spring water has been depleted of oxygen through passing under plant roots, it is important to gather it far enough away from the source that it has been re-oxygenated as it hits the surface of the Earth. Otherwise the spring water will want the oxygen that is in the body and take it from our cells.

Rivers are a wonderful source of cool movement and even on a hot summer day, they will still be cold having flowed down from their mountain source. In order to keep rivers cool enough so they do not flood excessively, the author of Hidden Nature (Alick Bartholomew) lists four ways this is possible in Chapter 11: 1. Replanting trees. Evaporation cools the tree’s sap and this goes into the roots and effectively cools the water. It will also aid the nutrient deficiency in rivers. 2. Place better constructed dams in the right places. Dams need to release cool water, not water that is warmer than the current river temperature. This heat increase hurts the natural ecosystem of the river; however, at certain times, it is possible to release water that is too cold as well, equally disturbing the river. Schauberger designed a dam which took temperature differences into account and released just the right temperature of water. 3. Install flow-deflecting guides. The right flow in a river creates a vortex that will cool the river to the correct temperature and fertilization abounds as oxygen and nutrients reach the plant life that lines the river. 4. Place ‘energy bodies’ in rivers. This system creates a vortex as well, but is designed for a portion of the river that is not bending but rather traveling in a straight line for some distance. They have been tested by Schauberger himself, and did remove unwanted sediment from the banks of the river.

In conclusion, with the right knowledge of what has been tested and placing simple structures in the path of flowing water, our water sources can once again bring structure and life to our planet

Source: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger by Alick Bartholomew.

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