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Water vs. Alcohol

Alcohol is dehydrating for the following reasons: first, it causes the kidneys to flush out water. Alcohol causes brain cell dehydration, a fact exhibited by hangover symptoms. Alcohol is a depressant to the nervous system. It can cause impotence, immune system dysfunction or liver damage. Alcohol makes free radicals, similar to acidic material, which will damage the body. Melatonin is needed for fighting these free radicals. The result is low melatonin. Dehydration leads to endorphin release, which causes alcohol to have addictive properties.

Replacing alcohol with water will actually help addiction as Dr. Batmanghelidj explains: “Water has a natural satiety impact through the hormones motilin, serotonin, and adrenaline, which culminates in the enhanced action of the body’s endorphins. Alcoholics learn that alcohol, through its stressful dehydrating action on the brain, will also cause the release of endorphins. This is how they become addicted to alcohol.If alcoholics begin to increase their water intake, or reach for a glass of water in place of a beer or a shot of their favorite hard stuff, their cravings for alcohol will tend to decrease.” Water provides the energy and a natural high to get through each day.

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