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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Drinking Structured Water

There are so many things to consider when living a healthy lifestyle, but by far one of the most important elements is the water you are drinking. We are mostly made of water and the water we are born with is structured water. The water in plants, vegetables and fruit is structured water. But the water that comes from the tap or bottles is most likely not structured anymore, unless it's pristine well water or spring water - but even then it can benefit from being restructured. Water delivers hydration, minerals and energy to our cells while maintaining vital functions and eliminating toxins from our system. That is HUGE!


So, here are 5 reasons you want your water to be structured water:


1. Optimal Hydration. Our cells have aquaporin channels which assimilate water molecules one at a time. When water is unstructured the molecules are clumpted together. When water is structured it allows the cells to easily be hydrated and nourished because the molecules are properly aligned and therefore it takes less energy for the body to get hydrated. Lab tests done at the Hagalis Lab in Germany show that water becomes positively structured after one pass through a Natural Action Structured Water Unit.


2. Energy, Energy, Energy. Our body needs energy to function. Energy is a vital part of being alive. Structured water provides good clean biophotonic life-force energy to the body. Lab tests done with a GDV machine show a massive increase of biophotonic energy in water after passing through a Natural Action Structured Water Unit. But this isn't like a caffeine energy that can lead to crashing. You will receive long lasting balanced energy thats sustainable.


3. Cleaner Water. Yes, it is still important to have a filter in place if there are pollutants in your water but a filter is not going to structure the water which has the ability to create an exclusion zone and help make toxins inert as shown in Dr Gerald Pollack's research. It also cleans the memory of water. Water is like a liquid crystal and just like crystals help computers store memory water can store memory as well. This was shown by Dr Masaru Emoto in his photographs of water and how water can become distorted by bad energy and harmonized by good energy. Again, we are mostly made of water so it's good to have harmonized water in your body if you want harmony in your body. Structured water also creates an aerobic positive environment through free stable oxygen which promotes healthy bacteria and negates bad bacteria. One pass through a Natural Action Structured Water Unit positively restructures hydrogen bond angles, clears bad memory and induces free stable oxygen.

4. Softer Water. Structured water naturally has a lower surface tension then most unstructured water which makes water smoother, easier to drink, more absorbable by the body and better for your house.


5. Balanced Water. There are many ways to treat water but a Natural Action Structured Water Unit emulates natures own design with a special water chamber that allows water to spin and vortex through a special helix shaped flow form of precisely tuned balls made of over 80 high quality earth elements (no leaching of minerals - just positive static energy). The spinning of water in nature is the first phase of structuring and the energy infusion from the earth elements is the second phase of structuring. All of this takes place within a Natural Action Structured Water Unit. This brings natural balance back to the water which helps to bring natural balance back to your body and life.


When water runs through lots of pipe to get to your home it is effected by a large amount of static electricity that breaks down the structure of water. Also, when water is stored in plastic bottles for a long time it becomes stagnate and effected by the environment and the plastic chemicals. When water passes through a Natural Action Structured Water Unit it immediately becomes restructured and dynamically energized just like it would in nature. So treat your cells to the water they were naturally intended to be hydrated by, structured water!