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Structured Wine

We are happy to announce that we have discovered another great use for the Structured Water Unit and that's to make Structured Wine. It's all because of the arrival of our latest product; the Portable Structured Water Unit. Because the Portable Unit allows you to structure other liquids besides water people are beginning to experiment with different drinks to structure and the one which is surprising us all the most is wine! 

This is because wine that has been poured through a Structured Water Unit tastes absolutely amazing.

Structuring wine takes wine aerators to a whole new level. It releases the flavors of wine which would normally stay concealed inside. It makes wine smooth and refreshing which is noticed by the way it softly glides with each sip. Wines that you are used to drinking may take on a whole new flavor. People who have tried structured wine have even reported that it has a cleaner effect on the body, especially the next morning.

Recent Structured Wine Results 

This study was conducted by wine aficionados in Spain who wanted to learn what happens when you structure wine with a Portable Structured Water Unit:

Effects of Structured Water Unit device on different types of wines.
In wine quality black Standard (tetrabric) -. Bottle.
Passing the wine inside the device is a change in the organoleptic qualities. The last wine is softer, more balanced and nicer. The wine does not last more aggressive on the palate. Greatest "bite"
In trials carried out in black and white came through the device compared to the past not revealed the following differences. (Vitec)
White wine does not last: 3.4 ppm O2. dissolved.
White wine last: 4.5 ppm of dissolved O2
No black wine last: 0.7 ppm. O2. dissolved
Black came last: 3.0 ppm. O2. dissolved
As can be seen the passage of liquid through the device produces a
Release of O2, which is already known.
Wine aging Priory - Poboleda
Aging in the bottle - white (Grenache)
The wine spent three and half months ago has developed more advanced
organoleptically talking about the wine that was not passed.
School of Enology Gandesa 14/03/2012
- Wine black (Feixas).
He came through the device presents a more open aromas and a softer feel in the mouth.
It seems that after half an hour the flavors are balanced.
- Raising Priorat wines - Poboleda. - Foster 7.5 months in bottle
- Grenache Blanca.cosecha 2010
- Came last: softer on the palate

Yellow slightly toasted.
She came not last: It seems that presents a point of oxidation. A bit on the edge ..... before presenting any symptoms of old age. Apparently it is one of the qualities of this wine.
-It would be necessary to wait 6 months to see the differential evolution in this direction.
Wine-black: Ull de Llebre, Cabernet, Grenache and so on. (Blend)
She came last: Same as above more open aromas, wine
Softer on the palate.
In this case the opening of flavors is not due to passage through the device since it has not been produced at this time but 7.5 months ago.
It follows that these changes are not caused by aeration of the wine to pass through the device but to other causes that are maintained over time in the bottle
The color is slightly lighter, "nuance" in the wine that was passed by the device.

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