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Structured Water and Rose Bushes

This spring Clayton Nolte put the structured water “Large Garden Unit” (Home Unit w/ Garden Connectors) to the test on his rose bushes. Living in Arizona where spring starts a little earlier, he began to water the roses on a weekly schedule starting in late March while it was still cool out during the day.  On April 28, 2012 he was already getting some roses as you can see in the picture, so he decided to begin watering every day. 

With daily watering, everything just went nuts! 

Nine days after starting to water daily, on May 6, 2012 (see pictures below) the rose bushes were exploding like fireworks with amazing color, and the sweetest aroma!


(Rose Bushes BEFORE Structured Water)                         (Rose Bushes AFTER Structured Water)

(Rose Bushes BEFORE Structured Water)                        (Rose Bushes AFTER Structured Water)


The change and growth you see in the pictures above took place in just 9 days of daily watering using a Structured Water Unit. What could it do for your garden?

Clayton’s Property – Camp Verde, AZ

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