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The Amazement of Water

I am in awe of water. What is it? What are we? We are mostly water. We are like bags of water walking around this planet which has a surface which is mostly water. In a recent trip through Colorado.


I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful water flowing around me. The streams and the lakes are so alive. They are like the arteries of the world bringing hydration and life and cleaning away toxins and waste. It’s so simple yet so mysterious at the same time.

Lately I have been swimming at the creek in my home town of Sedona and when I’m under the water I feel a deep connection to the land through the water. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of growing up in my small town where I have been swimming this summer and the water is bringing me back to that time when I first began my connection to the Earth.

I tend to feel the best in my life when I am most hydrated. There is nothing like drinking plenty of water and feeling truly hydrated and alkalized from water. You feel so alive. My heart goes out to the people in the world today who aren’t able to easily access sufficient amount of water to hydrate and clean their bodies or to those who only have polluted water to work with. My heart also goes out to those who have access to clean drinking water but choose toxic beverages over drinking a sufficient amount of water every day. I used to be that way myself and I know how easy it can be to fall into the trap of toxic living and I certainly don’t mean to judge it but I’m so grateful to now understand the importance of hydration and live it.

Then there is the mysteries of water that we are beginning to learn about that is so fun and exciting to witness. We used to think that good drinking water was all about filtering it which can certainly be an important step for some water but now scientists are beginning to discover that the structure of water is just as important or maybe even more important then purity of the water. Of course,Masaru Emoto’s work about the energy patterns of water is breathtaking. That we could actually effect the memory of water by how we interact with it, speak to it or treat it. It’s so amazing that water has memory!

Add to this the discovery of the GDV or Gaseous Discharge Visualization machine invented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and how water has a bio-photonic resonance and we continue to see just how amazing water is, especially when it is hexagonal structured water.

We are living in a water world and I hope to never take it for granted that I have amazing structured water in my life to drink and bathe in. Thank you Mother Nature and thank you Natural Action Structured Water Unit’s. I can’t wait to see what else we learn about water.

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