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This post explores the topic of information in water. Water carries the information necessary for cells to function and for life on Earth to survive. This is the most powerful information because without it there would be no life.

Water’s vibrations continue to give us and the planet the attunement we need. As many scientists have stated, water is medicine. The health community is now starting to realize the true and complete healing powers of water.

Pangman and Evans point out how the process on a molecular level is very detailed: “Water molecules literally switch polarities over and over again as protons (hydrogen atoms without their electrons) are passed rapidly through the matrix of relatively static, hydrogen-bonded water molecules. This is called proton tunneling or jump conduction. Water is potentially capable of transferring vibratory information in this way with very little actual molecular movement. The only way this can happen is if water is in a liquid crystalline state. In this state, water has the ability to deliver frequencies for considerable distances at the speed of light.”

The power of information in structured water is tremendous. It has the ability to not only align the Earth but our bodies as well. As scientists in the past and present are finding out, the functionality and perfection of structured water is hard to beat.

Reference: “Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water” by MJ Pangman, MS & Melanie Evans

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Waves and Currents in Water

Waves and currents in water are part of a bigger energy rhythm of not only Earth but of the Universe. We see this pattern in seasons and migrations around the globe.

Waves keep life underwater in a feeding cycle and temperature regulation. There is a correlation between weather patterns and wave patterns. Air currents tend to move in a spiral pattern. Water and waves also move in a spiral pattern. Energy waves not only move through air and water, but in sound, solids and gases also.

Waves or cycles have the tendency to repeat themselves in a consistent pattern as Casey Adams states: “While many cycles obviously repeat during our range of observation, many cycles have only recently become evident, indicating that many of nature’s cycles are beyond our current observation range.”

Ocean waves give energy to storms via atmospheric pressure and to the beaches they roll into with their tidal cycles. The waves we see in nature are just a small part of the universal wave cycle of energy: “These rhythms translate to electromagnetic energy and kinetic energy, which translate into elements of speed, distance, and mass. Momentum, inertia, gravity, and other natural phenomena are thus examples of the cyclical activities that directly relate with nature’s wave rhythms.”

In this way everything in the Universe is energetically connected, including water.

Reference: “Pure Water” by Casey Adams, Ph.D.

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If we look at an ocean wave sideways, we can see that it spirals in on itself, rolling continuously until it hits an obstacle. This pattern of water spirals keeps occurring as the ocean’s currents continue to churn.

Water also spirals when it is being drained. Depending on which hemisphere the water is in, it may drain clockwise or counter-clockwise. The electromagnetic force variable is described here by Adams: “These waveform forces are precisely mirrored by the classic electromagnetic structure: As the electronic vector pulses forward in one plane, the magnetic vector pulses outward into another plane. This is expressed in nature by the formation of the spiral.” Since the Earth has north and south poles, water gets pulled to the left or right as it drains.

Hurricanes and tornadoes show us the spiral pattern on a much larger scale. Mankind was unaware of the spiral pattern of the hurricane until technology allowed us to fly and use radar to track storm shapes.

DNA, the pattern for life, is also a spiral form. By keeping in spiral form with the rhythm of nature, water increases its ability to carry information and function properly. Spiraling creates a cleansing vortex that allows water to structure itself, a very important process in nature. Without clean water, life on Earth would not last long.

Reference: “Pure Water” by Casey Adams, Ph.D.

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As our bodies become dehydrated, the first things to be affected are mucous membranes, joints, and skin. This is the body’s way of protecting the vital organs. As these areas weaken, we are vulnerable to many problems. Even just 2% dehydration has been found to depress the nervous system. Humans are having trouble staying hydrated because we are drinking unstructured water, which has bigger molecules that the cell cannot absorb properly.

Without hydration the body just cannot function properly and begins to fail quickly. Here is a list of ailments linked to dehydration provided by Adams: “allergies, asthma, colitis, headaches, candidiasis, liver disease, stress, hypertension, COPD, heart disease, varicose veins, stroke, infertility, panic attacks, gastritis, rheumatism, cirrhosis, glaucoma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Crohn’s disease, angina, hiatal hernia, neck pain, multiple sclerosis, high cholesterol, peptic ulcer, insomnia, GERD, Alzheimer’s, scleroderma, indigestion, cystitis, eczema, PAD, polyps, diabetes, kidney disease, irritable bowel, claudication, gout, depression, PMS, atherosclerosis, obesity, cystic fibrosis, muscle cramps, Parkinson’s, anxiety, constipation, UTI, schizophrenia, neuropathy, and ear infections.” This is no short list; hydration with the right type of water is extremely important. Around age 21, thirst sensation starts to decline. That is why drinking water becomes even more important when we become adults.

Reference: “Water for Health, for Healing, for Life” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

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According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, water should be ingested 30 minutes before meals, anytime thirst arises, two and a half hours after meals, first thing in the morning, before exercise, and extra water for those who suffer from constipation and/or do not eat fruits or vegetables. If that sounds like too much, consider these few facts Dr. Batmanghelidj reminds us of: “Every twenty-four hours the body recycles the equivalent of forty thousand glasses of water to maintain its normal physiological functions. It does this every day of its life. Within this pattern of water metabolism and its recycling process, and depending on environmental conditions, the body becomes short of about six to ten glasses of water each day. This deficit has to be supplied to the body every day.” The body needs half its weight in ounces every day to be able to complete its minimum functions.

So many of the patients of Dr. Batmanghelidj who took his advice have improved their lives and health greatly doing just a few simple things like drinking more water.

Reference: “Water for Health, for Healing, for Life” by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

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